Centre Philosophy

At Rainbow teachers work hard to create a unique centre culture that is warm, welcoming, genuine and positive.

Relationships are at the core of our philosophy built on trust, honesty and respect. Interactions between teachers and children are warm and gentle, so a sense of trust, strong self identity and self esteem are fostered. All children are viewed as special and important and a positive approach towards children’s behaviour is practiced at all times.

Children’s individual identities are valued and flexible approaches towards children and families diverse or individual needs are respected. A holistic approach towards understanding our children and their families is practiced; therefore the family, community, knowledge, values and beliefs that surround them is of great importance. Strong partnerships are formed with families so learning goals and aspirations can be created that are mutually beneficial to all through a shared sense of honesty and trust.

We believe that all children naturally carry vast amounts of knowledge; therefore they are trusted, capable and encouraged to take lead of their own learning. Rather than providing children with the answers, we empower them to become critical thinkers, building upon their own working theories through drawing upon past knowledge and the direct interactions that they have with the environment and people around them. A purposeful, aesthetically pleasing and open ended environment provokes curiosity and wonder. When children are curious they follow their natural urge to learn more about the things in their world and when we are full of wonder, we exercise our curiosity and delight in the natural beauty of life.